Bacon Republic Apparel

History of the Republic

 Spanish explorer, Hernando DeSOWtoe, brought the first swine explorers to the New World in 1539 from their homeland in HAMburg, Germany. The swine settled in territories in North America and the colonial pig population quickly grew. In 1776, George PORKington along with other prominent colonial swine known as the BOARfathers, declared independence from the ruling body in HAMburg and founded their own sovereign nation.

Soon after, the Bacon Republic was born.

Prominent Founding BOARfathers-

  • George PORKington-  First president of the Bacon Republic

  • Benjamin FLANKlin-  Statesman, inventor

  • Paul RIBere-  Known for his midnight ride

  • Alexander SPAMilton-  Major General in the Bacon Republic army

  • John HAMHOCK-  Signed the OINKlaration of Independence with the largest signature

  • MEAThan Allan-  Patriot, hero, politician

  • Thomas CHOPerson-  Third president of the Bacon Republic

  • John BOAR Jones-  Naval commander

  • Betsy SAUCE-  Made the first Bacon Republic flag

  • SPAMuel Adams-  Organized the SOWS of Liberty, statesman, patriot

  • BUTTedict Arnold-  Traitor, chicken lover

The Brand

The Bacon Republic brand is all about PRIDE, PASSION and PORK.


Bacon mania has swept the nation as Americans consume more than 600 million pounds of bacon annually. 65% of Americans would support bacon as the national food. Americans are passionate about their country and passionate about their bacon. What could be better than combining bacon, patriotism and Bacon Republic quality apparel.


The brand features the rich storyline of colonial America... but PORKified. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the many founding forefathers in American history are central figures to our brand, but with a salty twist.


Character shirts will include 10 individual “BOARfathers” designs and 10 famous Bacon Republic landmark tees like Mt. RushBOAR and the LinkLOIN Memorial. Characters like George Porkington and Benjamin Flanklin are illustrated as the swine patriots that everyone loves.


The Bacon Republic brand has the potential for becoming a huge success across all demographics and media like animated films, Saturday morning television, graphic novels, educational books, food licensing deals and restaurants... the potential is limitless.


Unlike other start-up merchandise lines that initially focus on introducing it’s brand to the public and gaining character recognition, Bacon Republic is already there. Everyone knows America’s founding fathers and the famous men and women who began this great county. Everyone loves bacon. Combine the two and you have an explosive new brand ready to make a history of its own.





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